Group Template - Difference between General Series and others


I am confused by the General Series vs each product line series.

Is there a hierarchy here?

Does the General Series get applied first and then the specific model series?

@GSSupport74, can you please clarify this for me?


Dear user,

Thank you for using GDMS platform! “General Series” means if the user wants to configure global parameters for multiple series, the user can select this option when creating the group template. For example, you have GRP, GXP, and DP devices, and you only want to configure a few parameters which are in all these devices, you may select “General Series” and create the group template. If only GRP series devices have the parameters, you may need to select “GRP series” to create the group template for GRP devices. There is no hierarchy in this menu. Let me know if you have any further questions.

Thank you!


Please help me understand. If I code the same value in the following templates, what is the order in which the value is applied (i.e. which one will take presidence and in which order)?

  • By Group - General
  • By Group - Series
  • By Model
  • By CFG

I assume that anything coded into a specific device will override all.



Dear Drostoker,

Thank you for your feedback! Let me explain this for you:

By Group - General
By Group - Series
Users need to push the configuration template manually to the device if the group template is created in “By Group” module. No matter the user creates “General” template or “Series” template, the user needs to push the created template to the device manually. It will not be done automatically.

By Model
If the specific model device is in the site which the model template has been assigned to, the device will be provisioned automatically once the device is online in the specific site.

The user also needs to push the CFG file to the device manually.

The device will use the latest provisioning template in the device, and the configuration will be override by the last provisioning. Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you!


@GSSupport74, thank you for this explanation.

Quite frankly I find this to be a poor design, especially compared to what happens with Zero Config.The main reason I say this, is that when I make a configuration change and expect a re provision to happen, I expect the cumulative effect of all templates to be applied. I do not expect, or want, to have to _manually_apply multiple separate templates to have this happen. IMHO it makes the job cumbersome and time consuming, not to mention adds a human error possibility to the process.

With Zero Config, the UCM consolidates all the templates in a specific sequence and applies the net new template to the phone when I ask for a re provision as well as automatically each night.

I urge Grandstream to adopt the Zero Config template model to GDMS.

Thank you for your consideration.


Dear Drostoker,

Thank you for your feedback! GDMS platform offers users to provision the devices in automatic way and manual way. This design is flexible and convenient for different users. If the user wants to use automatic provisioning method, the user can set up model template in the specific site; If the user wants to use manual provisioning method, the user can use other methods and push the template to the device manually. This design can satisfy most users’ requirements. We will consider your suggestions in GDMS platform future release either. Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you!