Ground wire screw



The installation bracket has a screw to attach a ground wire. The position of that screw is a bit unfortunate. The hole in the wall needs to be bigger than usual just to get the bracket mounted.
It would be better if that screw would be elsewhere so that the back of the bracket can stay flat.


Another thing I was thinking about. The holes in the bracket are round. They should be oval. Then it’s easier to mount the bracket level.


Thanks @GH80. Logged and will send feedback to engineering team.


The template is great for mounting the bracket however the screw needs to be removed for it to fit. Not really a good design as the back of the bracket should be flat as GH80 suggested. Or, the hole in the template needs to be bigger. But the grounding screw does not ground the unit because it is not connected to anything metal on the unit so it is useless.