Granstream Wave softphone dtmf options


Granstream Wave is an excellent soft phone but I’m looking for the opportunity to send DTMF sequences during an active call. It means I first have to type the digits and then press dial or send button. Is it possible in Wave app?


As you push the buttons, they are sent during an active call. I am not aware of a softphone that will allow you to buffer key presses during and active call that will be sent as a string when dial/send is pushed.


Thanks for the answer. I see it is clear what I need but it is not available in Android. It will be great if GS Wave could have that option. Nokia phones had that option by default… everything is changing :slight_smile:


Am I able during a call to send DTMF ?


I have incoming call, answer it there is full communication and I try to send DTMF
But, the it look like the other side doesn’t get it


I think you definitely should be able to send a dtmf signal. There are different types of dtmf, so you should check the DTMF settings. Also there is a small probability someone on the way to filter the dtmf signals…


Yes, DTMF is sent during a call when the keys are pressed. You can test this by dialing a number where you know there is a digital receptionist/IVR and you press a key according to the options provided in the prompt given where the destination is that you want to reach.