Granstream GXP2160 - Softkeys on Different Accounts


Hi Guys,

I have a number of GXP2160 phones in our office. These are provisioned with FreePBX endpoint manager.

Each phone has 2 accounts set up on it. (Admin/Sales). They also have BLF fields programmed in the Multi-Purpose Keys. These are BLF for different extensions within the office. When a call arrives in from Admin and it is being transferred, the user selects one of the extensions and the number is automatically entered. However, when a call comes in via sales account and a Softkey is selected no number populates on the screen.

I am unsure how to fix this issue such that when a softkey extension is selected regardless of whichever account is active the extension will be populated on the screen.

Many thanks.


first of all why does each phone have 2 accounts?
You have probably associated the BLFs to account 1 and the call is handled by account 2 and vice versa, if I remember correctly you can associate and try the BLF to the account in use and not statically.
The fact remains that the same phone with 2 accounts in my view could become problematic to manage some situations.


They are on 2 accounts, as they are 2 separate phone numbers.


BLF is register per account not phone.
You can use speedial via active (for any account)