Granstream 16xx vs 14xx


Hi Team

we have 150 user setup and we are using 1450 .1615 and 1625. In our setup all user getting call simultaneously ,mean first finger first pick . Between 1450 and 16xx series . user sitting on 1450 was
pick call due to some mil sec slow response in 16xx phone . we upgrade the firmware but still
performance of 1450 is faster than 16xx phone . Please suggest


It appears you are using a ring group, given the reference to ring all. How many phones are in the ring group where the ring all is enabled?

When using any ring all, the UCM must send an INVITE to each and every phone that is a member of the group. These INVITES are sent in a serial fashion which means that there will be some delay between the time the the first member receives its INVITE and the last member gets theirs. Additionally, the system still has to process the other functions of other users that are not members of the ring group and it also has to process the responses associated to the many INVITES it sent to the ring group.

I am uncertain as to the order or logic used to send INVITES to a ring group, but you might want to experiment by setting up a small ring group of 4 or so using the model of phones in question and see how they respond. You might then alter the members of the ring group order to see if the order has any effect on how the UCM sends (some what like a ring in order in that the ones at the top of the member list get the INVITE first). Doing a capture while testing will show the serial nature of the INVITEs as well as the order in which sent.


Hi Team

Thanks for your response . Actually we have issue in 2 different models . 1450 phone working faster then 16xx series phone . we upgrade the version of phone to latest but still issue persist .


Sorry, but that does not address what I indicated earlier, only that 16XX phone series does not seem to be as robust as 1450.

It may or may not be the phone, my suggestions try and eliminate the possibility that the ring group size and how the INVITES are delivered may be “the” issue or contribute to it.

If you dial an individual extension (not a ring group), one that is a 16XX and the other a 1450, how do you tell that one is faster than the other?


I’d try switching all phones to TCP in case you’re witnessing a bit of UDP lag or loss. It really shouldn’t happen on an internal network, mainly over WAN, but you never know. This is likely not the case though, since a network-level issue would affect various phones differently regardless of model.

Alternatively, ditch them and get Yealink phones. Much more reliable, better hardware, better firmware, better support. Although they are more expensive.


Hi Team

yes i understand the logic you want to suggest me about ring group size and the request delivered to phone . But here its a issue with the phone . 16xx series and 1450 .