Grandstream Wave with IPv6


I have been using Grandstream Wave at work or home with no problem with Wifi. However, it’s not working when I use it with cellular network. I can make calls. But video/audio can’t go through. My service provider is T-Mobile, which assign ipv6 address to my cell phone.

I did a packet capture and compared the working and non-working calls. In the non working scenario (IPv6 address), Grandstream Wave sends RTP traffic with different source port than the media port specified in the INVITE packet. But the source port of the RTP packet matches the media port in the INVITE packet in the working scenario (IPv4).

Is there any configuration setting I need to change to make it works? The manual indicates IPv6 is supported.


BTW, I am using GS Wave Android version My SIP server is Asterisk 13.21.


Where was the capture taken? At the server or the Wave?

My question relates to the assumption that the capture was done at the server. I am guessing that you saw the message go out and in the contact and connect headers you saw the IP and ports that you expected.

The issue is what did the phone see? The phone will only respond to what it sees in the connect (RTP) and contact (SIP) headers. It will not send on ports other than what these headers indicate which makes me wonder if T-Mobile is re-writing some packets via an ALG or other or if there is some other issue in the NAT.

Can you define where the capture was taken and when using IPV4, where this was done given that T-Mobile apparently is not issuing an IPV4 address?

I also use T-Mobile and do not have this issue, but this does not mean much as I get both v6 and v4 addresses. I am using a UCM and the registration is showing the address.


Hi lpneblett,

The capture was done on the router where Asterisk server is located. The address is what Asterisk server sees.


Odd, as that is not an v6 format. The IP beginning with fe80 is v6. So, do this -
Start a capture at the PBX and then at the WAVE. Make a call that replicates the issue and then once the issue is confirmed, stop the capture at both devices and then examine and see what the contact and connect headers indicate in both captures.

I am thinking that what the PBX is sending is not what the WAVE is seeing.


I will try get the captures on both sides. It seems getting capture on my cell phone, it needs the device to be rooted. If you know any way that doesn’t require root access, please let me know.


I use an Android, In the Wave you can capture using debug.


I try a couple capture programs that don’t require root permission. But they don’t work for me. I check the debug messages. They only include SIP messages, which all look good. The problematic traffic is RTP. It’s not include in the debug. I will try to locate a rooted device and report back.


I can’t find a working capture app on the android phone, rooted or not. I guess we can’t move further on this.


Just post what you have. Don’t really need the RTP streams themselves (hopefully), just the SIp messaging.