Grandstream Wave Web - Added chat functionality


Hello All,

I’ve upgraded my test system to the Beta firmware I tried to test the chat function that is listed under major enhancements but cannot, for the life of me, find anything that starts a chat. I’ve tried in Firefox (daily driver / did not reset), chrome (reset all settings), and edge (not used since I started using this computer, nothing saved).

I don’t see anything that looks like a chat icon. Can someone direct me to what I’m supposed to do or confirm if this is even working?

I’ve rebooted the UCM and my computer and tried on a tech laptop. I can see the video call and voice call buttons, but nothing for chat.



is this not for Wave to Wave use?


I assume so. I logged in as 101 on one computer and 102 on another.

I’m assuming this is regarding wave web as GS Wave the cell application already had chat.


a better chat feature would be great, is it available during a video call?


@lincoln I’ll let you know if I can figure it out. I’d prefer to see chat built into Affinity but, any chat is better. Especially considering it seems the base function is already built into the system. It just needs to be fleshed out a little more.

I’m hopping Wave Web to Wave web is working and it’s simply me that can’t figure it out.


I went back and took a look and you’re correct. I overlooked the Wave Web and just assumed Wave, not knowing or thinking that a Web version was in the works. I hope it will be a Windows/MacOS softphone like so many others have and has been requested by many on the forum. I also hope it has some form of FOP2 functionality so presence can be seen and transfers and the like accomplished from a desktop.

A search of the internet reveals nothing about Web version (no announcements, nothing on the GS sites, etc.) having the client available yet, so perhaps just some hooks being established for something to come?


I have upgraded to the beta version, and logged into wave web and do not see an option for chat. I also figured there would be a chat icon next to the video and call icons, but see nothing. I know it is a beta feature but I have a few customers that actually want this and I wanted to get ahead of the curve on it for them. As mentioned above FOP would be awesome!


Just checking in on this. I’m now running the production 19.21 rather than beta 19.20 but there is still no chat function that I can find.

Has anyone figured this out?


Is that not the message function?


Login to ucm via grandstream wave portal.
Bu still i do not see it :slight_smile:


Grandstream Wave portal???


Never mind, I keep forgetting about it and constantly think of the App. Will check it out more so.


It work nice, i’m surprised by it.