Grandstream Wave Android Randonly Unregistering



As described above, I am testing Grandstream Wave on Android and after a couple of hours I check and the application has become unregistered.

I have seen similar reports in the play store and regarding IOS in a thread on here.

Does anyone else have any experience with this?



I’m facing the same issue. Waiting response for submited ticket suport.


I did some SIP traces on this and just found that it just stopped sending register messages for some reason. I tried multiple phones too with the same result.

Reluctantly, the quick fix for me has been to switch to Zoiper, that fixed the problem instantly!


I’m having the same issue, with android 7. The client registers to our UCM over TCP. Works fine then randomly stops registering. Only way to get wave to register is by clicking exit in the app and restarting. I have updated to v and this still has the issue. Not a reliable app at the moment. Grandstream please investigate!