Grandstream UCM6510 Pickup Groups problem




I have Grandstream UCM 6510. I set Pickup group for a few extensions, so they can pickup calls from each other by feature code *8. But when they enters that code, on phone display they can only *8 digits, and don`t see CallerID of picked caller. How can i fix that.

Phones that are used is Grandstream GXP2130


PBX settings -> SIp setting -> TOS -> Send Remote Party ID: mark


ok, thak a lot, ill try that. And can you, please tell me, why when im trying to pickup call not from Pichkup Group, by pressing **extension_number, for example
**825 - to pickup a call from extension 625, Grandstream tells me, that this is not valid extension ?


Did you change dialplan in phone ?
By default 88number is not allowed for call.


No, i didn`n change anything in telephone. So that message about invalid extension - is coming from phone ?

Because UCM6510 itself has feature code **


Thanks a lot. Now it all works !