Grandstream UCM 6208 / 2160 phones / gotrunk SIP...inbound call..all circuits busy


Hello I have a Grandstream UCM 6208 that I have registered to gotrunk. I can make outbound calls, however when I try to call in I get an all circuits are busy message. I was able to make the call when i registered the phone directly to gotrunk…I am new to grandstream so any help would be appreciated.


I don’t understand if the problem is outgoing (you write that you can call out and then write that you can’t), it should only be a wrong setting in the outgoing paths.


Very sorry … the issue is incoming, when i dial into the system from my cell phone


there may be many solutions, try to post the screens of the settings and describe details and scenario


First guess, sounds like you have a misconfigured inbound route.



Add a period. X. Not just x


Better still, add the DID. If your number is 7775552132 add that number here.


never put on (except in special cases of DDI etc…) the incoming ringtone to a single extension e.g. 201.
When 201 is busy for other things, the caller finds busy even if the trunk is free.
Instead, send the call to a queue, and in this queue insert 201 and a fictitious fxs etc…