Grandstream support is nonexistant



I was demoing two devices for a new customer and had an issue with the DP 715. i sent an email to support and heard back a week later giving me two or three things to try which did not work. i responded to the email and have still not had a response 3 weeks later. Great company guys and way to stand behind your product. the problem is you are so far behind I cannot purchase your products and rely on being able to get help if i need it.


Agreed. Same experience currently.


Support is fucking uslesss!!! THEY USED to have actual support… at this point… a bunch of idiots who know nothing about the phones!!!


The 710 / 715 will technically go end of line soon i would think as they have new ones now (720/750), although i havnt seen it on there website yet, the BETA tested was completed on them.

We use the support ticket portal and have found they respond, although sometimes with no great answers, alot of fixes are in firmware updates.


Respond depend on location (NA is bad as i see), i have no complain about EU support :slight_smile: