Grandstream Peer to Peer Intercom



I have 2 x Grandstream GXV3370 IP Multimedia Phone for Android.
I would like to connect them Peer to Peer to use them as a Video Intercom.
Directly connected together with no switch, hub or router.
What setting do I have to adjust or set to allow this to work?
I have tried using each others IP as the SIP Server.
I have tried it with a Straight through and a Crossover Cable.
Any suggestions ?

Kind Regards


Your configuration with static IPs on each is good. But you need to use Direct IP calls, which doesn’t need a SIP server.

This should be enabled by default. See the manual for more information.


You did good, but:
Turn OFF register to SIP. That’s why you connection fail
Or you have RANDOM port enabled

Try setings with switch and when work go with direct cable.


Thank you for the replies
I have it working on some phones now
The pop up error i get is Direct IP Call mode is disabled
The phone that i am having trouble with has had a factory reset
I can’t find where to re enable IP Calling


Ip call is ok (unlocked) after FR.

If you go FR and reconfigure:
SIP Server: as opposite IP
SIP Registration: unmark
Account active 1 mark

That should be all
Offhook Auto Dial: anything (so you can just pickup handset and 2 side ring)