Grandstream PBX


I have a few law firms interested in our hosted PBX product which is based on the Grandstream PBX and phones. I need a way to require the caller to have to enter a code before making a call so the call can be billed back to the law firm’s client.

Does anyone know of any cost capture software that works with Grandstream or a way I can accomplish adding cost capture for billing calls back?

Thanks in advance.


Have you looked at the PIN code facility? It would require a PIN code to make a call and it gets captured in the CDR records. You would have to set a PIN per client and that may introduce timing and other issues.


You would need to export the CDR records and then submit to a call reporting software or extract the data using Excel or other to extract the codes and associate a cost and client for the PIN Code being used.

Keep in mind that the PIN code is a single entity item. This may pose some issues as:

  1. The pin code would normally not be assigned to an attorney, but additionally a case.
  2. More than one attorney/para-legal/investigator may be working on the same case and the rates charged by each may be different, which again means a different code for each person for each case.
  3. The calling extension is not really a good filter from which to base any of this as it is assumed that one could make a call from any extension in the office, but without the unique code identifying the specific user/caller and case there may not be enough info by which to really charge correctly.

In essence the PIN code represents the person who called, the rate being charged and the client case being charged collectively.

Each must also keep their own log in the event of CDR corruption or challenges by the clients. Further, there is nothing in the system by which to capture any info associated to billable inbound calls.

I have one such client that is using them, how successfully, I do not know. They assign their own PINS and then once a month their contracted IT support group retrieves the CDRs, the company provides the info for the codes and charges associated thereto and the IT company generates a list of billings and charges.