Grandstream openvpn setup


I have just setup openvpn working on my grandstream 2140 , it is soil and work as expect but think that baby quite trouble when first time setting it up ,if someone like to setup openvpn i can help you .this phone work but the document team is not good at all , they are so lazy to write how to make thing works and the limit on openvpn this one need to deal on server side , let face with it . if we want to use only what they have there is no other choose but need to follow what is available on the phone.

the openvpn server must follow what setting have on openvpn grandstream have or it is not giong to work at all .that is the most stupid which they said have security remote connection but only give out more stupid a openvpn like over 10 year ago.

when you connect to openvpn you can check on statue page to see openvpn ip address .we need setup the difference way to let openvpn connect only for the phone but not all of connection so we can open GUI when we need it and we can use weather screen on the city we like


it would be useful if you can write the correct procedure here, publish it, there are many interested users.


This subject was done to death in the below thread…

I had lost $1000’s on that R&D exercise, most information is in that thread.