Grandstream HT802 configuration for VOIP.MS


Here are the settings I’ve used to get my HT802 to work flawlessly on VOIP.MS . You can also cross reference this with the sample HT70x config they have on their site. I also configured my router for QoS to grant priority to UDP 5060 and 10002 in/out for FXS1 and 5062 and 10004 for FXS2. Note the RTP port (10002 or 10004) must be an even number and above 10000 for I have also modified the dial plan to turn off HT802 voice menu and allow testing of the Music On Hold feature.

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Do you have a summary or could you highlight what changes you made from default?


Sadly no I don’t. If you compare the screenshots to what you have it should be easy to spot the differences. My config is based on the suggestions for the HT702 and comments from others.


I don’t see any screenshots. Any chance you can re-post or send them to me? Thanks.


Please start a new thread as the post you are trying to use is over a year old and the links are stale and it is an unknown if the person who originally posted the solution visits the forum regularly. Please restate the issue as well as the firmware version in use.



I have reopened the post per your request. The reason that it was closed was stated. As you did indeed start the post, I re-opened. Please note that, as stated, no activity had been recorded against the post since Oct 17 (over a year) nor is/was there any assurance that you would see and respond to same given the age.

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You guys have the worst support ever. Please bankrupt or be bought buy real IT business.


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I’m logged in and don’t see any screenshots.