Grandstream HT801 and Alarm


Hi there,

I hope you might be able to advise. I’m involved in a local community centre that over the last few months has had an alarm system installed.

We now have two phone lines in the building - one which is used for the alarm (and sends the signal down the PSTN line). The second is our fibre line used for phone and broadband.

I was wondering if there was a way to route the alarm through the broadband line rather than have to pay for two lines (plus with BT switching off PSTN lines in a few years it seems a bit of an odd way to be running this).

Will the HT801 work for alarms and route down the line we use for broadband? Has anyone tried this?

Thanks in advance!!


If you mean SIP then yes. But this is not guaranteed to work, it heavy depend how alarm work.


Please refer to:


Perhaps a little bit of a scare tactic.

And (my favorite):

The last one is utter nonsense. Unless they own the network and can control how the data flows between your system and their site and then back to the central monitoring station of the alarm company, it is &#@*@. Click on the icon following :slight_smile: Want to get more technical? Learn more about our network… and you will note that the info provided is a sales pitch rather than telling you how they actually manage the network. Yes, they may have perfectly functional and redundant centers and all that, but most reputable VoIP providers do as well as they serve thousands of customers, none of which would stay in business for long if they didn’t. They do nothing to tell you how they manage to get the signal from point A to B and then B to C reliably and ensure that the streams arrive exactly as sent.

It may be possible to use VoIP for an alarm signal, but there are a number of obstacles that may prevent it from being reliable, many of which you don’t control. It is a question of how “mission critical” do you need the notification to be and are you willing to take the risk? If your local Internet service has been without issue, then perhaps. It the service is not superior, then it is already a non-starter.

I personally never suggest VoIP as a viable and reliable alternative for POTS service when an alarm is involved. Far too much risk and potential liability. However, this is just my opinion.