Grandstream GXW4248 Telco Cable


Good morning,
Can you help me to find telco cable to connect the GXW4248 to Krone moduls.
Thank you


sui manuale trovi tutto.



You have two choices:

  1. use the individual rj11 ports to connect rj11 plug to the krone module with the associated pair (blunt end). You will probably have to make the connector up manually as you only need the one pair and blunt end manufactured cables will likely have both pairs (4 conductors).

  2. use the rj21 connector coming out to the individual pairs ICC Male to Blunt Telco Cable Assembly in 25 Pair, 5 FT : Electronics


Imo, you would think someone installing something like this should already know this. I prefer the amphenol connector to BIX, but it’s nice having the option for the rj11.