Grandstream GXW4232 3CX provisioning issue


Model: Grandstream GXW4232 V2.3B

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  • We have a Gateway that keeps on de-provisioning from our 3CX server (3CX version:18.0 (Build 461)). We have factory reset and restarted the gateway multiple times and re-provisioned with 3CX server but it will always stop working about 5 min after it successfully re-provisions. I have noticed that if you are on the status page of the Gateway the service status will show “NO SERVICE RUNNING” in red right when it losing provisioning with 3CX.

I have updated to the newest version of firmware from grandstream and factory reset again after this, still continues to lose provisioning after about 5 min or so. We have around 5 other gateways all working correctly that are the same model, including one in the same location as this one. Anyone have any ideas?


do not use register, use IP based instead


I do not think that peering 32 extensions from a single gateway is possible as the extension settings themselves require registration. Otherwise, you would have 32 extensions all using the same IP.


Are you saying that the device no longer has the same settings that the provisioning installed? What happens if you remove the device from the extensions settings so that there is no provisioning file and then manually provision the device? If it changes or goes out, then perhaps you have a defective unit.


The gateway still shows all the custom settings from the provision even when its “not working”. I have factory reset the device and provisioned using the provisioning URL given by my 3CX instance.

The provisioning URL/IP has not changed but for whatever reason the gateway loses connection to my 3CX instance. The only way temporarily restore access to the extensions is the reboot the device or factory reset the device but it only lasts for ~ five minutes or so before they are unavailable in 3CX again.

I can try to upload the configuration directly from 3CX instead of just using the provisioning URL and see if that makes any difference.

I attached a picture of the “NO SERVICE RUNNING” that appears shortly after a provision, once I log out and log back in this message is not displayed anymore but it is not provisioned to my 3CX until I reboot or factory again.


OK, then the provisioning is not lost, but the gateway apparently stops running the SIP stack; hence no registration. I can only suggest regressing the firmware 1 level and see if there is a difference and then, if that does not work, contact the helpdesk.


check my solution if needed: