Grandstream GXW4104 unregistering with 3CX


I’ve been having an issue with my ATA unregistering randomly. A reboot always fixes it. I’m on the latest FW and the IP is set static. Everything else is updated to the latest. I found a post about someone having issues with blacklisting somehow throwing it for a loop, but I cleared my blacklist and the issue still happened.


The 4104 is a 3CX supported device. Have you contacted 3CX for help?
What version of 3CX are you using and is it local or hosted?


We have same issue, but with Asterisk. At now we know about 2 GXW4104 which periodically (few hours/days) lost registration for one or for all ports/registration. Both have v1.4.1.5.
Solved by python-script which check registration via AMI and reboot GXW via telnet.
No ideas about “right” GXW4104 setup.


I remember there is a bug for register. Switch to TRUNK if possible.