GrandStream GXP2160 "Network Down"


Recently I have received a new cisco network switch. The Switch has been programed the same as our other 10 switches in the building.
For some reason the GXP2160’s that are connected to the new switch are showing “network down”
I have compared the settings to another switch where the phones are working correctly and they are identical. WiFi Devices, computers and printers are working correctly on the new switch.
Does anyone have any solutions?
Thank you


Check the data points with a tester. You have a fault where the phone is getting power with no ethernet link.


The ports are working correctly because if I plug anything else but a phone in the port it works fine.
The switch is POE so the phone is turning on with power but not getting an IP address.
All other phones in the office but the ones connected to this new switch are working fine.


Are you using vlans?


Yes, We are.
Like i said the new switch is setup exactly like the others so i’m really confused why it doesn’t work on the new one. Maybe something i’m missing.


How are you telling the phones what vlan to use?


To be honest i’m not 100% sure, We have a company that programs our switches for us.


Using a UCM?


No we are not using a UCM


You need to figure out whats assigning the vlan with the ip addresses.