Grandstream GXP2140



i have Grandstream GXP2140
and i cannot recive/make calls, on the left side of the screen i got wierd message as u can see
wat can i do

p.s sry if i posted in the wrong place



What phone system or provider are you connecting it to?


hi there,
im trying to use the phone as usual, didnt understood the question


I am assuming that when you say “as usual” that the phone was working before and now is not.

This means that your phone was connected to something before and now is not.
The red phone with a line through it means just that.

Whatever you were connected to, is no longer accessible by your phone. You will need to contact your tech support to troubleshoot this or hire someone like myself to troubleshoot for you.
Since you didn’t understand what I meant by phone system or provider, I don’t recommend you troubleshooting this particular problem yourself.

Having said that I would start by rebooting your phone.
Then I’d try finding out if anything has changed on your network recently? This is the most common reason a phone stops connecting when it was previously.
Do you have other phones on the same network that are still functioning properly?
If yes you could swap your phone in place with one of them to determine if it is the phone that is the issue or if it is the connection.


im thinking its the sip proxy, how can i check it


Option 6 in the phones settings


Log into the phone via web portal using the phones IP address.