Grandstream GXP2100 and International numbers


A call for help from The Netherlands

Unable to call international numbers from Grandstream GXP2100. Version
For example 004733123456. The call activity does not appear in the log of the Fritz!Box so I think it is not convenient for the Grandstream.
I think it can’t handle the two ‘00’ at the beginning of the international number. If I make a ‘+’ of that nothing happens. The phone screen shows “No Answer”.
Numbers within the Netherlands will work and numbers abroad from a DECT device will work. The Grandstream is connected to a Fritz!Box7590 and is connected via LAN/WLAN.
See screenshot of call instructions from the account in question.


GXP2100 is EOL

try to change the dial plan, you can find everything in the manual


add “x+” to the dial plan shown above and get rid of the “+” by itself.


My dial plan is as follows:
{ x+ | *x+ | xxx+ | **x+ }

Reboot Grandstream, make the International call: no way.
Calling my own mobile phone number works fine: 0031612345678

And then tried this: (From:
{<=1>[2-9]xxxxxxxxx | [1]xxxxxxxxx | *x+ | xx+}


Keeps giving the same result: “No answer”


Replicate the x+, but make it #x+


{ #x+ | *x+ | xxx+ | **x+ }

Not better.


How is it possible I can make the call
and not
I live in the Netherlands with the landcode 31


Whoops, made a mistake in that you do not need the #. That was from another post. X+ indicates to take any number of digits 0-9. There should be no reason you cannot make one and not the other unless the provider requires something different.


Go through everything line by line on the Grandstream. Tried different options for the Dial Plan. No change.
Then went through the Fritz!Box line by line, at least the telephony part.
And behold, problem solved.
In the Fritz!Box: TELEPHONY > Own telephone numbers > Connection settings, there is a paragraph:


Only allow calls to the interior
Certain IP phones are only allowed to make calls to national fixed and mobile numbers. Calls abroad are blocked. This also applies to calls from telephones to another FRITZ!Box in your home network. Please note that this option is activated automatically for a newly configured telephone, a newly registered FRITZ!App Fon and a newly connected FRITZ!Box as a Mesh Repeater. 
and below: 
1 of 2 IP telephones selected Change selection 
There were therefore 2 telephones selected, the relevant device can now call abroad.


And there it was. Glad it is fixed.

Marking as solved and closed.