Grandstream GXP1780 Transfer call


I have to forward calls on the Grandstream GXP1780. Although I followed all the steps in the guide, it does not work. What can I do?


Forward is supported by Server. If you have direct line from provider then contact them and ask fro advice.


Hard to provide a good answer without more info.
We don’t know anything about your provider or what your phone is connected to.

Can you offer any more information about the phone system?


We are from Germany and of course we have a German provider. I need to forward calls to another device, so I try to follow the described steps in the guide book. When a call comes in, I press the “forward” button (the sign with 2 phones), dial a number and then press “transfer” (shown right on the phone screen).
Anyway, I tried several ways to forward calls, but it never worked.


How many call paths does the provider support in this instance?


You want:


This are 2 different types and function.
Transfer is fro active call, forward is for incoming not responded call. Which one ?