Grandstream GXP1780 - no ringtone


If I receive a call and I switch to speaker phone, then it works fine.


In the phone and what are the options for default ring tone?


well, i f i enter the settings on the phone…and enter ringtones, I only have default ring tone and then ringtone 1, ringtone 2… but makes no difference if I select default or one of the others. there is no sound :frowning:


Then, I guess we need to see what the PBX is sending. Please do a packet capture at the phone using Maintenance, packet capture. Start the capture and using another local extension, call the 1780. When you see the 1780 display indicating the call, please answer and count to 10 and hang up and then stop the capture, download it and post it to the forum.,

In this manner we can see the messaging and perhaps seeing if the system is telling the phone to use a ring tone that it currently does not have.


I figured out the cause. It was the assignment of the keys on the phone.
Line 1 must be free.
If you only assign the keys 2-8, then it worked perfectly. If I assign key 1 , then it is not ringing :wink:
It took me a few days, but now it’s fine :wink:
Thanks for your help.


I guess we all assume that at least one line key will be assigned to an account/line.

Glad you got it working.


It is normal that it does not ring if you do not assign at least 1 line key, but it is definitely not “today yes” and “tomorrow no”. If you don’t assign at least one line key (I recommend at least 2) it will never ring.