Grandstream GXP1780 - no ringtone



I do have 3 Grandstream GXP1780 ip telephones.
The telephone system is a be.ip Plus from Elmeg.

When I have an incoming call, I can see that somebody is calling me due to red LED flashing, but I cannot hear a ring-tone on each of the phones.

where will i have to activate the ring tone ? in menu “settings” the standard ringtone is selected. The volume is set to “6” - high.

Thanks for help in advance.


The “standard” ringtone on GXPs is the ringback tone. Do you hear that at least?


no, I cannot hear anything… or do you mean when i am in setting section ?


when I am in settings - ringtone - select standard ringtone - I cannot hear anything.

only when I am in volume and press more/less, then I can hear anything.
when I only enter volme I either cannot hear anything


During ringing, you should hear the ringback by default.

During a call, sound is ok?


are you using headsets ? or is the headset symbol active ?


no, am not using headset…on display no headset symbol is active (only on top right the lan symbol)


no i cannot hear a ringtone

I only recognized due to fact of a red led.

during call the sound is okay.


what is a “back tone” .
I can hear absolutely nothing when incoming call


does the caller information show on the screen correctly when the call comes in ?


Ringback tone is the same sound you hear during outgoing call when it’s ringing on the other side.


He is indicating inbound as I am not certain he picked up on ring back, which may also be dependent on the call itself.

Get into the phone web interface and look at preferences and look for ring tone and ring volume. What is showing now and you might play with these settings to see what happens. How was the phone provisioned?


yes, the number displayed is correct


no, no ringback tone.

I just recognized, when I chose settings - volume - I only hear one sound (beep) and not repeated.


all Progress Tones Syntax: f1=val, f2=val[, c=on1/ off1[- on2/ off2[- on3/ off3]]];
(Frequencies are in Hz and cadence on and off are in 10ms)

System Ringtone
Dial Tone
Second Dial Tone
Message Waiting
Ring Back Tone
Call-Waiting Tone
Call Waiting Tone Gain
Busy Tone
Reorder Tone
Speaker Ring Volume
Notification Tone Volume


and the default ring tone?


And I guess the obvious question is:

Does the speaker work at all? Have you tried making a call out to voice mail using the speakerphone?


We received the telephone system as well as the telephones from a neighbouring company. A start-up which went bankrupt after a short time. Until the end the telephones and the telephone system worked perfectly.


the speaker does work. already am phoning with it. having phone calls (in and out- going)


where can I find that settings in web interface ?
on the phone I have chosen settings - ringtone - default ringtone