Grandstream GXP1628 Group Pickup don't work any more



I have Grandstream GXP1628 and astrisk pbx Group Pickup don’t work any more (before upgrade it work)
On older Grandstream Pone still works but on the GXP1628 it don’t work

Let say clear it work before for more then 2 years same phone’s same PBX

currend Version we used the Multi-purpose keys as BLF with

Please help me to fix this problem


The only thing I can suggest is that you examine how/what the group pickup code is in the Asterisk box and then examine the entry that was made in the phone. Change the BLF to a speed dial using the code and see what happens.

As you indicated using a BLF, I am not certain what the expectation was as I assume that there was nothing to monitor or I am misunderstanding how you used it to perform a group pickup or, you were monitoring something like a ring group extension.