Grandstream GXP1625 stuck on booting


Grandstream GXP1625 stuck on booting. What to do?


try doing a factory reset


But how to reset?If it is not booting.


try restarting your phone by holding 1 + 9


Still the problem is the same.


if it is under warranty you can try to change it,
otherwise I think you don’t have many choices


If you are IT:
connect device to PC port, run whireshark, check if device ask for firmware (or if you dns requests) or it ask for DHCP address.


I think I understand that his GXP1625 doesn’t start at all



  1. start - empty, red light -> dead in 99%
  2. SHOW on screen Booting … -> that one sometime can be fixed

ps. At some point gs changed something in SSH which make it not accessible, earlier it was working and we could fix most devices). They should keep backup of SSH at least.