GrandStream GXP1625 is getting random calls from unknown names and numbers


I am a new user to Grand Stream phones. Currently I am attempting to fix an issue with a newly Registered account. Its a GXP1625 Model. The issue is after the phone was configured/registered, it is constantly receiving calls from random names and numbers. The employee using the phone has to reject the call but the phone keeps ringing non-stop. Any suggestions???


is the phone remotely connected to the ippbx ?


yes it is and its connected via LAN line from a possible Vonage device, which was a previous Company phone


okay, so the phone has the external ip of the internet pointing to it, i would suggest, locking the router down from the external sip service to the internal ip of the handset and only that…as your handset is under attack…


the phone is using a DHCP IP assignment. does that change anything?


What does the routing tables of the firewall look like ?


Try setting “Accept Incoming SIP from Proxy Only” to YES under [Account]-[SIP Settings]- [Security Settings]