Grandstream GXP1610 Incomplete


Hi. I have a phone grandstream GXP1610.
But dont start complete. The display sample “Recovery Incomplete”
Dont allow web conection.
Thaks for your help
Hola. Tengo un GXP1610. Al iniciar intenta actualizar y luego muestra “Recovery Incomplete”. No permite conectarse vía Web .
Gracias por su ayuda


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That information show when firmware is damged. You need provide firmware to phone.
Are you familiar with DHCP option 66 ? If yes then make phone connected to your PC use TFTPD (example) as dhcp with 66 option and TFTP. Allow phone to dowload firmware from there. That should fix problem.
Unless phone have static IP, then this will not work.
In that case you must sniff packets to check where phone seek firmware and add firmware there so phone can download this.