GrandStream GXP 1610 Microphone doesn´t work with speaker


Hi, when i answer a call by the speaker the other people don´t hear me, when I speak. Just happend when I active the speaker.

It can be something with the configuration or would be a factory defect?



Make sure that the Microphone button is pressed when you are using handsfree. This model may or may not have true handsfree operation though.

Telephony Features
Hold, transfer, forward (unconditional/no-answer/busy), 3-way conferen- cing, call park/pickup, downloadable phone book (XML, LDAP, up to 1000
items), call waiting, call history (up to 200 records), off-hook auto dial, auto
answer, click-to-dial, flexible dial plan, hot desking, personalized music
ringtones, server redundancy & fail-over


Try setting this