Grandstream gwn7000 long-standing speed issue


I have the gwn7000 and 2 x 7610s, and they are working well, except for the fact that since March, when the new firmware updated, I have not been able to max out my fibre connection. I used to get 900Mbps from my provider now I can only get around 300 - 400 Mbps down. This is very frustrating. But even more frustrating is the lack of response by Grandstream in fixing this issue. Come on guys, enough people have complained about it. 2 new firmware releases have come and gone and still no sign of a fix. I’m too scared to update to the latest firmware anymore in case the speed is further throttled or something else breaks. It used to work properly, it can’t be that hard to make it work again can it??? It’s been a long time!


I’ve had an open ticket for a month or more. I was told it was escalated to a supervisor a couple weeks ago.

Sigh. Very disappointed.


PPOE connections are also an ongoing issue. Have a customer with 100 M fibre and only gets 15M with the GWN 7000. When he connects his basic carrier supplied Netgear he gets his 100M.

Very embarrassing and not good enough.


I can understand that a fix for this might not be a 5 minute thing, but it has been months now without so much as an apology from Grandstream, let alone what they are doing to fix it. My GWN7000 has been in a box for most of my ownership due to this issue, when my ISP supplied router does gigabit no problem.

The fact Grandstream still continues to sell GWN7000s as a gigabit router when it knows it isn’t capable is disingenuous. I love my GWN7600 APs, but I couldn’t in good faith recommend any product of Grandstream’s as long as this continues.


@bvanmeter Can we get this escalated and find out where we are? Thanks!


I have proof positive that the issue is being escalated -

Does GS have a Facebook jail?


This has been an issue for almost a year now:

Clearly, Grandstream do not give a sh*t about this product.


Agreed. Lead dev must’ve left the company or something, or is not getting proper guidance from any sort of leader at Grandstream. This router, to me, appears to be dead and stinking.


Is anyone /everyone else still having this issue?
I recently upgraded my FIOS internet and saw no speed improvement until I connected my laptop directly to the ONT. That gave me over 900Mb up & down. Through the 7000 with FW V1.0.9.4 I got like 300Mb down and even less going up.


I had to factory reset mine and rebuild from scratch to get it working. I really don’t know if I had something turned on or off in one setup but not the other. Regardless, I’m not impressed. I believe there’s a PPPoE issue that’s still ongoing. Are you using PPPoE with FIOS?


PPPoE is not used with FIOS


I don’t think the issue max speed, I think the issue is that it looses a percentage of speed. I have set the WAN port to 1Gb and connected over PPPoE to linux server at 1GB and it barely gets 700Mbit. To verify I have changed the port speed on the switch to 100Mbit and it barely gets 65-70 Mbit. I have thought to try it with VDSL, the modem is in bridge mode and gets a sync of 55Mbit yet I barely get over 25Mbit, maybe 27Mbit from, if I don’t use theGWN7000 and use anything else I get the full 55Mbit

So I think it must be a simple bug to fix since very old versions of the firmware did not have this issue, a simple diff would figure it out but I guess the developers will be on holiday with the Covid19 and since most are probably Chinese good luck getting it fixed this year.

I have decided to remove the GWN7000 from our infrastructure completely, the WiFi points will be the next to go and then the phone system. I envisage I will be free of Grandstream products within the next 6 months. The mistakes this company make are best suited to amateurs not SME let alone enterprise.


I just purchased a GWN7000. Installed FW, and reset to defaults. I only configured the unit for DHCP, and placed the GWN7000 behind a router. A 1 gbps switched port is going into the GWN7000 Wan 1 port. I have a computer plugged into the same router that the GWN7000 is plugged into. Then I have another computer plugged into the LAN1 port on the GWN7000. The computers are running Iperf3 for a speed test.

Test without QOS enabled and was able to 800 mbps.

Once I turned on QOS the speed dropped to 330 mbps.

Restarted the device and retested, it was still 330 mbps.

Turned off QOS, restarted the device, the speeds went back to 800 mbps.

I have opened a ticket as well. Will update if I hear anything.


There’s a beta firmware that addresses the speed issue. It may only address the PPPoE speed issue. Worth a shot though.


Credit where credit’s due, I guess.

I finally got round to installing the beta, and the PPPoE speed issue appears to be fixed - 18 months after it first appeared.

Does mean I can put the GWN7000 back into service, although the time it’s taken to address does not inspire confidence. let’s hope it remains fixed when this patch moves out of beta.


Just wanted to update you all on what support told me in regards to the issue.

The 59% decrease (from 800 mbps to 330 mbps) in router throughput performance when enabling QOS was done by design, and it is not possible to speed this up…

On paper the gwn7000 was such a good router, but in actuality it really sucks… Man I hate this… I was so excited when I read the datasheet. Luckily the vendor I bought it from allowed me to return it for a refund minus shipping fees… I am not too happy that I am out about $20 dollars, plus 6 hours of my life.


I also bought 2 of them.
They have their place in the shelf as long as a new firmware comes out.
They get the new firmware receive a testing and go back to their place on the shelf waiting for dust and another beta firmware.
I also hoped they can be used out in the fields to do their job, but it seems they will suffer the same fate as the UCM6104 which I bought right after it had been released:
The devices will probably never be used by customers due to their lack of suitability.

When I read the advertising messages for the device, I was very enthusiastic about the product and bought 2 of them. It would probably have been better if I had saved the money for it and would have used both the money and the wasted time to go out to eat decently with my wife and children.
I really sincerely hope that something is still happening here with the devices and that they can still be used properly in the near future. However, the warranty has long since expired.


when you see this:

  • Fixed PPPoE WAN slowness issue.
  • Fixed an issue of admin to get root shell access by remote command injection

I don’t think you want to actually use it! I have removed all GrandFAiL devices from my environments and replaced them with Mikrotik, only WiFi Access points left, it’s about 500 of them now but still deciding weather to replace them or not


I don’t use PPPoE, QoS or VPN and both WAN ports limit speed to at most 350 Mbps. I can plug either VPN directly into switch and get 500/500. Going through GWN7000 I get at best 350. I’m using latest Firmware