Grandstream GSC3570 with GSC3615


I am thinking of buying the GSC3570 and I would like an opinion if it supports the scenario that I want to implement in an electric door in parallel with the existing IP camera GSC3615

Specifically, when we press a button, a “DING DONG” notification comes and shows me an image from the GSC3615 input camera, something like an intercom with image support

Do you think he will support it?


That will not work. The button input to let GSC3570 to play “Ding Dong”, how it supposed to know it should fetch the GSC3615 video? Even if this is doable, which IP camera (GSC3615) to fetch if multiple IP cameras installed at scene? Without special feature or coding implemented, this will not working, at least in current firmware.

You have two ways to make this work in current firmware:
Method One (feasible but may not reliable due to false positive)

  1. GSC3615 configured Motion Detection to call GSC3570 (GSC3615 does not have physical input therefore no button switch, otherwise the button switch pressed trigger SIP call to GSC3570 will work).
  2. GSC3570 answer the call, if this is someone welcome, you press the button switch wired to GSC3570, the strike wired to GSC3570 will open door.

Method Two (feasible but inconvenient operating).

  1. Button switch wired to GSC3570 as Doorbell located OUTSIDE, visitors press it the GSC3570 will play “DING DONG” telling you someone at door.
  2. Press the “Monitor” at GSC3570 to check the GSC3615 RTSP video (preconfigured and working well) to see who is at door.
  3. If the visitor is a welcome guest, press another button switch wired to GSC3570 located INSIDE, to advise GSC3570 operate the relay control (Digital Output Port) to open door.

I suggest you use “Method Two”, but user have to initiate the RTSP video monitor to check the GSC3615. With extra manual operation but w/o MD false positive which sometimes really annoying.

Hope this helps. Thank you for using Grandstream Access Control Products.


I understood the two scenarios you gave. I hope in some future upgrade it can support something like that … as long as it is supported manually not impossible and automatically!


@masteras1 Your feedback has been sent to engineering team for consideration and future feature enhancement if feasible. Thank you very much for supporting Grandstream products.