Grandstream GRP2614


Loving the new Grandstream! Having used the device for a couple of weeks I’ve found it to be easier to use, with the screen being a significant improvement and the general layout of the phone a more enterprise feel.

I have noticed a bug where on occasion I will take someone off hold, and it’ll switch the call to loudspeaker rather than picking the call back up on the handset, and then trying to switch the call back to the handset via the loudspeaker key it doesn’t allow me to.

Have also noticed the phone can sometimes be delayed when I pick up a call via the handset, with the call not connecting as someone else picks up before the phone accepts the call. I’ll then put the handset down and the phone will continue to ring for another 10 seconds or so. I’ve ensured it’s on the latest firmware too.

Other than that, been very good so far!