Grandstream GPX2170 UCM6202


When using zero config to program buttons. The buttons on the phones stay constantly green. Can I change this so the button is only lit when in use. I have park and BLF buttons programmed.


This is the standard behavior for a BLF and call park monitoring. Even screen off the buttons stay lit.


Yes you can change behaviour, but settings is needed to be set by Pcodes in UCM.
In phone search section LED control.

Also please read it:


I don’t have a UCM but you need to set the BLF Led pattern to Reserved(Red) or Reserved(Green) to achieve what you’re looking for, depending on if you want to use red or green to show in use. You can do that with P6766 = 3 and P6766 = 4, respectively, but I’m not sure where you set P-codes on a UCM.


They are set in Zero Config.