Grandstream GDMS


Greetings to all,

I have a problem synchronizing extensions to the GDMS cloud. The PBX was deleted and re-added many times for testing reasons. When i add this UCM63xx to the GDMS cloud, i don’t see its actual extensions. Initially it did work and I could see the extensions on the GDMS. After this primary setup every eventual setups extensions do not show up.

Thank you very much for response


Try looking under: Remote Connect/ Plan Settings/ SIP Extension Sync on the UCM


Thanks for the quick response,

This option is selected by default, so you cannot edit it. After every factory reset I deleted UCM from GDMS. Is there any another solution?


Are you able to access the UCM from GDMS link?

Do you have a premium plan?
if not the extensions won’t be synced!

If yes, you can check the reason for that under extension tab on the GDMS platform


If its behind a very good firewall like Sophos or Fortinet, then GDMS will need to be allowed through the ACL’s.


Greetings to all,

I found the reason. The problem was in the expired license. It was not a problem in the firewall or ACL, the free license expired about half a year ago and once it expires you can’t sync extensions.