Grandstream DP750/720 incoming calls


I have been having issues with my DP750/720 setup for a few months now. I have 8 dect units in operation all are registered to the base station correctly and displaying that they are connected. I can ring each unit internally. My issue is not all the phones ring simultaneously when receiving an incoming call. There seems to be no rhyme or reason phones just stop producing a ringtone - sometimes the screen engages and they don’t ring on other occasions the screen remains blank.

I have updated the firmware - reset all the credentials from scratch and I’ve had no success in resolving this issue. Are these units defective?

Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.


I think there is bug in soft GS is investigating this.

Also please read this:


in this case you shoul use dect 760 for connecting all of 750 to each other.


Do 5 ring at once?

If so, the issue may be the 5 concurrent call limit per base station.
I’m not certain if a ringing call counts as a concurrent call or not.