Grandstream Affinity - Phonebook/Contacts & Search



We are running into an issue with the Grandstream Affinity app’s Contact/Phonebook search:
When typing into the search to find someone (example, “John”) it will not show the contact “John Smith” unless entering ONLY the first 2 characters of their name (example “Jo”, but then it lists everything with “Jo”). If we enter any more characters, or search the full-name; then it doesn’t show anything in the results. This happens with ALL contacts/phonebook.

This is a large issue as we are moving over from other phonebook software and everyone in the office has lost the ability to find contact info.

Thank you.






Afinity is a long abandoned project,
you can still ask Grandstream support:


Thanks for the info. I’ve opened a support ticket. Hopefully they investigate, as the way things are run in our offices require a software directory-system and I don’t think we would be able to continue with Grandstream if they kill options for that… (higher-up managers are already extremely reluctant and want to move to other options if any problems)


So I got an official response from Grandstream Support and thought I’d post it here for anyone in the future:

"Thank you for your feedback.

By the moment, we don’t have plans to launch a new update for GS Affinity, a fix for this issue might not be available. But, thank you for your input, we appreciate it!


So sadly it seems like Affinity is doomed and we will have to investigate if any alternatives exist or if an alternate system is required…