Grandstream 2170


How does one utilize the “48 on-screen digitally customizable BLF/speed-dial keys?” I have looked every where in the web GUI and on the phone and can’t find a way to have multiple pages.


they are maximum 48 and are “pages”, when you create keys for a number superior to 12 the second page is automatically created and so on


Rosamilio is correct. You can add them via the web interface or using provisioning.
Each new page will reveal itself on the screen as you add them. So it can have no pages, 2, 3, or 4.

Adding the 2nd page won’t add the other two though, you would need to reach 25 and 37 respectively to get all 4 to show up.

Unfortunately there is no way to activate them via the phones LCD interface.


Thank you so much for the info! Got it to work!


Please, and thank you for the “like”