Grandstream 2170 connections to UCM6302 experience to date


I have a ucm 6302 behind a router with a static public IP. all extensions seem to work well in the local area network. The plan is to have temporary workers answer calls and take orders from home. i would like to setup some extensions to answer the phones at their homes. they would have gxp 2170 phones. I would like to avoid doing a VPN unless i have no choice. should i be looking at using GDMS or should i be opening ports on the router and port forwarding to the UCM. i would like to avoid getting involved with the remote workers routers etc where possible. as of now what would people suggest is the fastest easiest reliable solution to follow


UCM630X allows you to activate remote extensions via Remote Connect
(which has free licenses and others for a fee), without opening any NAT.
Here the link for the instructions:


Thanks for your clarification, Damiano70! These information are the ones I want to share in this post. Thanks a lot for your help! :grinning:

Thank you!


Grandstream promised me this gift, could I not share? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


LoL, thanks for your help, Damiano! :joy::joy::joy:


thanks for the suggestion…i assume gdms works well and is reliable to use.
i shall give it a go and report if i run into any problems. If you have any items that i should have a heads up to save time please let me know.



Sure. Thanks for using the Wave application! Let us know if you have any further questions. Thanks!

Thank you!