Grand Stream GXP1625 Date / Time settings always be resetted after reboot



Grand Stream GXP1625 phone’s Date / Time setting always be resetted after reboot. I set Date / Time by manually from phone led interface, without internet connection. I want to disable my phone’s NTP service. I want to set my Date/Time by manually and keep that setting after reboot.


Not possible as phone do not have battery to keep time.
You need provide NTP for this, if you have PBX try check if you can start it there.


Ok thanks i understand.
I have not PBX, For NTP server = my cloud SIP server address.?
Is it possible?


No, It must Time server.
NAS or server ?


i think it’s just server, is there any hope?


Rarely SIp server is NTP server.
But you cannot use global free NTP ?


Unbelievable, There’s on GXP phone any cmos battery can save Date value like computer or mobile,
So sad.


There is no need for a battery. In order for the phone to work, it must be connected to a network and presumably, that network has some form of Internet access. A mobile phone is not a valid comparison as it is ONLY battery powered and because it is mobile, will pick up times from the cell tower/provider to which it is connected at the time.

Use the following link -

It may help you find a NTP server.


Thanks for your explanation.
In conclusion. I can’t set and save date / time without NTP server and internet connection on Grand stream GXP phones.


Yes. Many devices have build in NTP, you really do not have anything in your network with NTP functions ?
NAS, PBX, Server ?


My lan is connected only to SIP server directly using private address dhcp pool feeding my Voip provider.


Can you ask Voip provider if they have NTP server on this separated network.


I asked of them, but they told me “we don’t have NTP server this separated network”.


No help then :frowning:


But, thanks.


How do the PCs in the network maintain their time…correctly?


I think he have separate network dedicated to voip.


Good point. Never crossed my mind.


Doesn’t say if he is using a UCM, but if he is he can use the UCM as an NTP server.


I have two separate lans. PC’s have a separate internet network.