GPX1625 firmware account name display twice


Dear All,

Just after new firmware upgrade my phones shows duplicate account name on display?

It was like Richard

Now I’ve got Richard

Any help ?



Same issue with .106


AFAIr it is bug, if you FR and configure it again it should not have this.


Hi Marcin,

Do you mean I shall upload firmware again?



Factory should solve. If not upgrade/downgrade.


Did anyone get a solution to this? I have not seen it in the firmware update files


I got this issue also, juz upgrade 15 gxp1625 to fw and each of them display the account name twice, while sip2 is disable. Dunno why but when I make a FR and reconfig again, it is all gone, lol what a stupid issue.


Hello everyone…any updates how to resolved this issue.


The issue of two accounts on the display is normal if you’re using 3CX with 3CX ‘supported’ templates for the GXP16xx, 17xx and 21xx handsets.
I’ve not experienced this with UCM or Vodia, the other systems we support but then all our 16xx handsets are at


you’ve created two line buttons, he associates the same name to both.