Google Voice Login Failed Error



Hello, I just got the GXV3140 and I’m trying to use the Google Voice app under “Social Networking.” Everytime I try to login using my gmail username and password, it thinks for about 5 seconds and then says “Login Failed.” I’ve checked the name and password multiple times, I am entering it correctly. I tried the built-in web browser and I login successfully, though I get locked up at “loading 90%” when it tries to load my Google voice page. Any suggestions on why my Google Voice app doesn’t login?

Product Model :GXV3140
Hardware Revision :V0.4B
Part Number :9630001104B
Boot Version :
Core Version :
DSP Version :
Base Version :
Program Version :
GUI-A Version :
GUI-B Version :
Recovery Version :

Thanks for any tips you can give me, the Google Voice app was one of the main reasons I got the GXV3140 and it will be a big disappointment if I can’t get it to work.


Same issue here, Google voice LOGIN FAILED.
Any other users with the same issue?


Login Failed … Same here!
I have tried it with my password and the password for apps


last firmware ( i upgrade today )
Same issue here, Google voice LOGIN FAILED.
Any other users with the same issue?



Same here. Log in to GV not working for me. Using firmware:


We have fixed an issue related to too many redirects after GXV3140, please stay runed for the new firmware release. Thanks for reporting the issue!

Fixed Google Voice login error caused by too many redirects.


If you made your account in other country outside the US, you may have that problem,

Even if you change your info. and currently you live in the US. I am not sure whether it causes any problem or not actually.

However, I also have the same problem and after I made another account in the US, the problem is solved one day after new account.


Using firmware: Can report that Google voice is working.

Just a comment about using Google voice on the GXV3140. When using the keypad to make outgoing calls, it is not obvious that to send the SMS we need to press the “*” key and that the Dial button is the “#” key on the keypad.

Note that Google voice calls are made with a call back to the number setup in the GV account. Meaning that a GV call will actually be had on another telephone other than the GXV3140.


Can not login with the new firmware. Can anyone please confirm the google voice is still working?


Unfortunately, I also get the “Login Failed” error when I try to login. I updated the Firmware to the latest version when I booted it up.

Has this not been fixed yet? Is there an update as to when this will be fixed?

I just bought a new GXV3140. I was excited to be able to use Google Voice, since I already use it on my iphone and desktop.

If it isn’t going to be fixed, please let me know so I can return the phone to Amazon…