Giant Google Home Mini - no volume, hang up, or keypad


The device is obviously intended to be used on a desk as well as in a ceiling (as evidenced by the room seletion mode). However, when used on a desk, there is no keypad, there is no volume control, and there is no way to end a call. Since it looks like a giant Google Home device, maybe it would be possible to at least add volume/mute/disconnect controls by adding tap sensors, similar to a Google Home Mini?

As a marketing opportunity, you could make a simple bluetooth keypad with number keys, volume, and call/end buttons and sell that as a companion. Think of it as the missing bluetooth paired phone that you’re expecting it to be paired with. :slight_smile:


There are call controls via the Web UI. While not as obvious as touch controls, it can already be used as a full featured phone with a web browser logged into it.

An app to remotely control it might be interesting, or even integrate controls into GSWave?


I think a web ui is not the solution… as a remote app…
It is made to have hands free, so or a button, or, better, a vocal command would be the best way to call and to hang up…


Cisco VoIP Conference phones have a dialpad accessory that connects via a cable. Why not a dialpad accessory that connects via Bluetooth?



Thanks for all your feedback, we will note down all your feedback.



Just want to follow up with this feature request.

We are considering to implement a few things:

  1. A remote control.
  2. A mobile version of Web page (mobile apps to access GSC3510).

Which of these is more convenience for users to use?

Also, beside controlling volume and checking the IP address of the GSC3510, are there any other major functions that users needed to be in the remote control/mobile apps?

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A physical device would be nicer than an app, since an app has to go through connection and authentication to use the GSC. But a physical remote means added expense. So it’s a toss up.

Either way, it should have the ability to answer/place calls, a full dial pad, volume, mute, and possibly hold/transfer buttons as well.



We have noted all the feature that you suggested.
As for transfer button, the GSC3510 will not supported transfer feature.

Thank you,