Giant Google Home Mini - no volume, hang up, or keypad


The device is obviously intended to be used on a desk as well as in a ceiling (as evidenced by the room seletion mode). However, when used on a desk, there is no keypad, there is no volume control, and there is no way to end a call. Since it looks like a giant Google Home device, maybe it would be possible to at least add volume/mute/disconnect controls by adding tap sensors, similar to a Google Home Mini?

As a marketing opportunity, you could make a simple bluetooth keypad with number keys, volume, and call/end buttons and sell that as a companion. Think of it as the missing bluetooth paired phone that you’re expecting it to be paired with. :slight_smile:


There are call controls via the Web UI. While not as obvious as touch controls, it can already be used as a full featured phone with a web browser logged into it.

An app to remotely control it might be interesting, or even integrate controls into GSWave?


I think a web ui is not the solution… as a remote app…
It is made to have hands free, so or a button, or, better, a vocal command would be the best way to call and to hang up…


Cisco VoIP Conference phones have a dialpad accessory that connects via a cable. Why not a dialpad accessory that connects via Bluetooth?



Thanks for all your feedback, we will note down all your feedback.