First look at the GHP611 and GHP621. On your first login into the web interface, after you type admin in user field, it gives you a code to press into the phone. After typing code it prompts you to change password. I like that since I can barely see the printed password on the phone.

No issues adding to GDMS. Both needed a firmware update for full GDMS support.
Phones do not come with power adapter. The handsets have a magnetic hook switch.

There are some codes you can dial from the phone to hear IP address, **474# will broadcast your IPv4 IP
You can change IP from phone with *47(IP)# I think we should have the ability to disable this, I have not found a way yet or at least have to add a password. A few of the functions do require a password, like factory reset *37(keypad password)#
All the built in IVR Button Functions can be found in the ghp6xx user guide.
Clicking the revel button does not show the keypad password, just shows more ****** but you can set to whatever you want it to be.


Hi Zach,

Thank you for your feedback. We will consider adding an option to disable the network settings via IVR

Regarding password-displaying behavior, this design is for security considerations. The administrator could change the password instead of knowing the current password.

Look forward to more feedback.
Best regards,


Hi All,

The request option is added on V1.0.1.32 :