Ghost calls on ports HT814


All four ports on the HT814 are in use and registered.
The system is not yet operational because the extensions are waiting for final number porting.
Every few minutes or so one or two ports are in Ringing status, sometimes simultaneous.
A CLID is not displayed and when the phone is picked up it is quiet.
This looks like “ghost calls”. Being generated by the ATA itself.
Could this mean a hardware of firmware problem with the HT814?

Kind regards
J Stap


Hello all

After consultation with my provider it is clear that the ghost calls are caused by portscanners.
This means that firewall and port forwarding must be set correctly.
This is not a hard/soft/firmware problem.

Regards, J Stap.


Check forum for Ghost calls, there is plenty of hem.
For example:


Simply check allow calls from sip server/proxy only.


I set this:
Check SIP User ID for incoming INVITE: Yes
Allow Incoming SIP Messages from SIP Proxy Only: Yes

On router all port forwarding off.
Result: no more scans.

Thanks, yall.


You can turn the port forwarding back on as I assume it may be needed for the provider, but you should consider seeing if you can refine the firewall rules to only allow the provider to traverse the WAN and drop the rest on the SIP port. Otherwise, if off, you can use keep-alives to keep the port open so that you do not miss inbound calls.


Thanks for the refinement.
By provider: do you mean the internet or the VOIP provider?



VoIP provider…as they have the SIP server to which the UCM connects and will have an IP(s) associated to same which with the right firewall rules you can allow these and then drop all the rest.


This is about HT814 not UCM ? :slight_smile:


I don’t know where the UCM came from…


Hey, give a poor old soul a break. ATA, UCM, SIP, GXP, GWN, ABC and 123, I gets confuzed sumtimes.


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