Getting WP820 Connected to GDMS


I just got my WP820 running the latest production firmware to connect to GDMS.

To do this I needed to manually turn on TR069 and manually add the ACS URL

This needs to be corrected such that no manual intervention is needed on any device you want to connect to GDMS.

I am not sure if this is just an oversight or omission in the current WP820 software, or something else, but to me it is definitely a problem and IMHO GDMS needs to be a Device-Zero-Touch implementation.


Just a thought,

Try deleting the device from GDMS, factory reset the WP and add it to GDMS before it reboots.

The phone is supposed to contact GDMS/GAPS on first boot and get its config, if any. TR069 should configure itself at that time.


no, if the basic field has not filled in “” will never connect to GDMS, I just today did this test with a DP752, so it is not enough to activate the TR-069.


It is strange because I didn’t have to do anything on my devices. I added them to GDMS and the config has been applied remotely to the phones.


I removed it from GDMS, factory reset the WP820, re-added it to GDMS, connected the WP820 to the WiFi network, and GDMS configured the WP820 without issue.

I don’t know why it didn’t work the first time, but it worked this time.

Gdsm - Get Gxv3370 online

considering that GDMS is in beta, normal problems would occur.


My GXV just took a reboot to pick up the config.

Like @damiano70 said, it’s a Beta! Problems are to be expected!


Dear users,

Thank you all for using GDMS platform!

If you encounter such issue again in the future, please kindly help to send us the MAC address of the device, and send us the association time, we will help to check this issue in the GDMS server side. Thanks a lot for your feedback!

Thank you!


Not sure why this isn’t anywhere in the:
or Administration guide for GDMS

I wish there was a Quickstart guide like:
Create GDMS account
Add MAC and SN of device
Login to phone | Maintenance | TR-069
Set ACS URL: and reboot

Start doing all the other stuff in the userguide.


Yes we have installed many of these and they connect to GDMS fine out of the box, once you connect to WIFI. If you purchased this used just make sure it is on firmware version or newer (will need to update it manually if on older firmware than that) and reset to factory, and should work fine.


Dear user,

Thank you for your feedback about GDMS platform! For the supported models in the GDMS platform, if the user uses recommended firmware version in the devices, and the ACS URL will be set to the GDMS platform correctly as default. The user can associate the device to the GDMS platform directly. For the quick start guide, we will consider to add more and detailed instructions in the future. Users can check the User Guide on the GDMS official website with the URL below:

Thanks for all your testing!

Thank you!