Getting 7610 and 7664 ready for GWN.Cloud


I decided to revisit gwn cloud, after a long time managing with the regular in-device management platform which I am now experiencing problems with.

I started reading the latest documentation, after logging back into the cloud GUI with my PC, and installing it in my iPhone 13 and logging into that. I have no devices registered, and I deleted an old network that showed up in there.

I have 2 devices I want to add into the cloud platform. A 7610, and a 7664. The cloud documentation says they need to be in a blinking purple state in order to be added initially. Problem is that my 7664 is showing SOLID purple, and the 7610 is showing solid red.

How do I get them to be flashing purple, assuming I need to actually have them like that to proceed?


PURPLE means that it is in the state of first departure, it has just been formatted.
I advise you to update the FW on all the a.p.
and to do a factory reset in SSH on all A.P.

If the problem persists, open a ticket:


Thanks for the (quick) reply Damiano. Si there is a mistake in the documentation (GWN.Cloud User Guide Version, page 21, that says “Note: To add GWN76XX AP to GWN.Cloud, the status of the LED should be Blinking Purple (AP not
Solid purple also works. I was able to add it in my GWN Cloud setup. As for the 7610 that was red, I facxtory reset / turned off and on / reset a few times and it eventually stopped showing red, and I was able to add it to my setup too.
Being the intrepid guy that I am, I then proceeded to mesh them together. Crossing fingers, all is looking good right now.
My next step will be to go to my other location, where the non-cloud managemenet is broken, and setup cloud there too and reset the existing 4 meshed devices (combo of 7610 and 7600LRs)