Get back forwarded call when user busy


Hi everyone

I am hoping some can help with a question regarding getting back a call when an extension is busy

Desired scenario:
An external call comes into the PBX and is answered by extension 1000 on line 1. Caller asks for x1001. The call transfer is pressed and extension 1001 dialled using Attended Transfer. Extension 1001 is busy so x1000 goes back to the original caller and takes the call/message

Actual Scenario:
An external call comes into the PBX and is answered by extension 1000. Caller asks for x1001. The call transfer is pressed and extension 1001 dialled and the the attended transfer button. Extension 1001 is busy and you get the voicemail. x1000 presses the flashing line 1 key on the handset and instead of picking the incoming call back up the incoming call is transferred to the voicemail of x1001 and a new call is set up for x1000

I have tried using the split key and x1000 can get back to the original caller but the call to x1001 is still active

What is the correct way to set up the PBX to achieve the desired scenario?



sounds like you may only have line (call) key… make sure each handset has 2


Hi Scott

Handset 1000 has Key 1 & 2 set as line keys and key 3 is set as a BLF for x1001

x1001 has 3 line keys


Can extension 1001 receive an extension call without the call going to voicemail?


Hi Scott

Thanks for the help and swift response

If x1001 is not busy then everything works as expected. x1000 does an attended transfer - x1001 answers and does not want the call and hangs up. x1000 can then press the flashing line 1 button again and speaks to the incoming caller

However if x1000 presses the flashing line 1 button before x1001 hangs up the call is transferred to x1001 and x1000 starts a new call


Check your handset config for transfer assignment


Hi Scott

The P codes for x1000 (GXP1760)
P1376 = 1 - Attended Transfer
P1488 = xxxx - Internal Call Numbers
P1489 = 3 - Ringtone 2 for Internal Calls
P1526 = 1 - Use LDAP for Phonebook
P22162 = 1 - Enable transfer via BLF
P2987 = 16 - Mode is Voicemail
P2988 = 0 - Account 1
P2989 = voicemail - Description
P2990 = *97 - Feature Code

The P codes for x1001 (GXP 1630)
P1376 = 1 - Attended Transfer Mode
P1489 = 2 - Ringtone for Internal Calls
P1526 = 1 - Default LDAP PhoneBook
P22162 = 1 - Enable transfer via BLF
P8034 = 1 - Outgoing Lookup
P8035 = 1 - Incoming Lookup
P8036 = AccountNumber CallerIDName - Lookup Display Name

(The last 3 probably not needed in hindsight as covered by the LDAP phonebook settings so just duplicated)


Download the config of 1000 … but don’t zero config it again… manually log into it and under the handset Settings --> call features --> Attended Transfer Mode --> dynamic <-- set it to that

Make the same call types and let us know if there is anything different.


Hi Scott

Just logged into x1000 and Attended Transfer Mode is already set to dynamic


Look in PBX settings, SIp Settings, MIsc. and find:

Have not tried it, but sound like what you want.



That works when blind transferring but not in attended transfer (but a good feature to enable in any case!)

Thanks but not there yet…


As an update to my last post if x1000 blind transfers to x1001 with the SIP blind transfer enabled and x1001 is busy x1000 dials the number of the incoming caller!


As another addendum… if Voicemail for the receiving extension is disabled this problem does not exist. x1000 gets a message to say the other extension (x1001) is busy after using attended transfer

x1000 can then press cancel and pick up the incoming call

three must be a way around getting a call back after transferring to an extension that is busy with Voicemail enabled


I have not really worked on the pick up function yet, so correct me if I am wrong… but perhabs it could be possible to pick up the caller from x1001 voicemail, after he is falsely transfered to it.
Assuming the extension 1000 has also the right to pickup the calls to Extension x1001.

A very inelegant but possible workaround would be to park the caller before the transfer and then pick up by extension x1001 from the parking lot or if extensions x1001 is unreachable, the caller could pickupped by extension 1000 from the parking lot again.


Perhaps I am missing the issue.

An attended transfer is usually conducted by.
A call comes in and is answered by the target phone- X. The caller requests to speak to extension Y. The call is placed on-hold on X and then X chooses another line key and dials Y and either gets Y and asks if they would like to take the call or not or, Y is not available or busy.

If Y is available and wants to take the call, then X presses the transfer button and then presses the line where the caller is on-hold. This will connect the caller to Y.

If Y does not answer, gets VM or other, then X disconnects from Y and then goes back to the held call and advises accordingly.

This is an attended transfer.

You seem to be using auto-attended -
Auto-Attended Transfer:

  1. Set “Auto-Attended Transfer” to “Yes” on Web GUI.
  2. Establish one call first.
  3. Press transfer key to bring up a new line, and the first call will be placed on hold automatically.
  4. Dial the number and press SEND buttonto make a second call.
  5. Press transfer key again to make the transfer.
    Note: For Auto-Attended Transfer, after dialing out the number for the second call, a “Split” soft key will show. If the second call is not established yet (ringing), pressing “Split” will hang up the second call. If the second call is established (answered), pressing “Split” will resume the second call and keep the first call on hold.



Thanks for the reply

It may be that the client is just making too much of this (or we simply have set something incorrectly) but it does seem overly complicated to get back an attended transfer when the second extension is busy and has voicemail enabled. This is compounded by:

  1. The BLF does not change to RED when DND is enabled - this seems to be an often reported issue
  2. You cannot disable DND button on a handset - unless we are missing something
  3. You cannot turn off voicemail when busy - unless we are missing something

So to clarify: in this situation a user has voicemail enabled and the DND light on. The BLF is not RED on their expansion module so the receptionist puts the call through ( button -> Dial extension -> Press ) and hears the VoiceMail greeting so wants to speak to the original caller

The receptionist then has to press three buttons (soft keys) to get back to the original incoming call -> ->

With their previous Avaya solution it was a single button press to retrieve the call and this is what they would like to achieve

Hope this helps


I have heard many customers who have Avaya (or other vendors anyway).
No one is fully satisfied, there is always something better than others, and something worse than others.
There is no need to compare it with other vendors, rather report your request to the Help Desk.



You are correct on some points, but DND never entered into the equation until just now.

  1. The BLF does not change to red when the phone is DND.
  2. You may be able to disable DND functions in the phone and the DND dial code in the UCM. You need to look at the pcodes for the phone model to determine if possible.
  3. You cannot turn-off VM when busy or if any other condition if VM is enabled. To me, this seems to be somewhat odd as to why this would be wanted, but hey, I get unusual requests all the time. I guess they also want the system to enable VM if DND and if an internal caller and then disable VM if DND and an external caller.

To me using a simple attend-transfer is the solution given the scenario. The receptionist never relinquishes the caller until and unless the other extension answers and agrees to take the call, then they complete the transfer.



I just tried that. It looks like the only effect of changing the extension accepting the call to static instead of dynamic is that the option of attended transfer on the soft key is lost after pressing the handset button. Only Blind Transfer is available


From the manual -
When Attended Transfer Mode is set to “Static”, only Blind Transfer softkey is
available on LCD after the user presses TRANSFER button and enters the number
for transferring call.

You should also check to see how the line keys are set - line or account.
When Attended Transfer Mode is set to “Dynamic”, both Blind Transfer and
Attended Transfer softkeys are available.