German translations at the phone


1.the handset is at the home screen:
on the left side it diplays: History.
In german language there are e.g. 2 possibilities to display it in a way that users can understand:
a.) Historie b.) Anrufe the bnetter choice here is Anrufe as it is choosen already in the next screen if you enter this option.
If you are in there already, then you can scroll right until you reach “accepted calls”
this is diplayed as “Anruf annehmen” which means as much as “take a call”
Better would be:
a.) Angenommene Anrufe b.) Angenommen
because a.) would perhaps be too long to display the full text, here “Angenommen” would be the better choice for it

  1. If a call comes in - the display shows:

that´s not the right word for it.
It means as mutch as “sounds” You probably found a translation that´s called “klingeln”
That´s right, a phone does “klingeln” which means as much as “ringing” but it does look a little bit strange if this is diplayed in germany as “klingeln” It´s not a great choice at all for it.
Better word is at this point just “Anruf…”
OK then to something other if a call comes in:
on the left site “Antwort” and on the right side “silent”
Better:on the left side: “Antworten” and on the right side “Still” or “Ruhe” or “Stumm”
My best choice would be “Stumm” at this point.

If I take the call and choose “HAL” for halten (or hold in English) on the right softkey,
then afterwards the option on the right is displayed only in english as “unhold”
a good choice at this point would be e.g. “holen” or “zurückholen”.
“holen” is enough here.
Regards Michael


Thank you Michael!
I’ve updated these strings for DP per your suggestion. You will see the updates in a future release, thanks!!