German translation issues

  1. Soft keys: German translations too long, example: “lle weiterlei” (missing “A” at start and “ten” at end) and “Neuer Anru” (“f” cut off at end). Suggestions: “Alle weiterl.” (Engl.: Forward all) and “Neuer Ruf” (Eng.l: New call)

  2. German translation: Incoming call forwarding menu "Weiter Leitung 1 Anrufen Von " --> Correct this to: "Weiterleitung 1 Anruf(e) von "

  3. German translation (soft key while in a call): Replace “Umlegen” with “Umleiten” (Engl.: Transfer). Better yet would be “Vermitteln”, however I believe this will be too long.

  4. VPK with DND configured displays “DND Bitte nich…” and should better read “DND Nicht stören” (or “DND Nicht stö…” or alternatively “DND Schutz”).

  5. Anruffunktionen (call functions setup in phone UI settings): Replace “RWL alle” with “RWL immer”. This refers to RWL = Rufweiterleitung (Engl.: CF = Call Forwarding settings).

  6. Phone UI --> Settings (5) = “Einstellungen”: Rename “Erscheinen” with “Anzeige”.

  7. The back or cancel softkey is most often wrongly translated as “Abweisen”. In these cases it should read “Zurück” oder “Abbruch”. Note that “Abweisen” means reject (as in: reject an incoming call).

  8. Shorten the Bluetooth on/off softkeys in German, since the currently show as “(B)luetooth A(N)” and “(B)luetooth AU(S)” when having a BT headset connected during an ongoing call. Suggestion: “BT audio AN” and “BT audio AUS” (if that is still too long: “BT an” and “BT aus”.

Found in phone UI fw


Thanks for the feedback for the German translation.
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Hi, all valid remarks from AllUp, translation is sometimes tricky, and German words tend to be long…

one more oberservation: when you go to call history, and the list is empty, it says “kein verfügbarer Artikel” (which means sth like “no article on stock”). Should rather be: “keine Einträge” in German.

– bka


Thanks boris.kaapke, we will provide the information to our translator for review.


MPK LCD Settings is not translated at all in german layout on the phone